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Shanghai ShenJia Welding Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994. The predecessor of the Shanghai branch Shenkar welding plant. Enterprise reform and restructuring of the Company changed its name. Over the years, persist for the purpose to meet market demand, relying on technological progress and development. Production scale, variety type, quality of products have made considerable progress.

The company has a national industrial products production license (welding material) approved by China Classification Society ISO9001: 2000 quality system approval, a production of "O" plate welding materials specialist.

The company has a strong specialty in technology, production equipment, advanced production technology, perfect detection means, product quality, sales channels open. Provided the products are: carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and other types of welding electrodes, sealed valve surfacing welding materials and plasma spray powder; gas shielded welding with TIG, MIG welding wire. Our products are widely used in ships, bridges, vehicles, boilers, pressure vessels, chemical equipment, engineering machinery, construction and other economic sectors. Annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.

The company has strong R & D capability and the introduction of absorption, R & D of the main products of stainless steel welding rod series, the valve sealed surfacing electrode series, plasma spray welding powder series, product quality and distinctive, widely recognized and praised by customers. Company believes that from professional quality, innovation based on science, technology, twenty extra kinds of high quality stainless steel electrode by AWS / ASME (USA), ISO (International), BN (Europe) standard design and improvement, product performance to Europe, America and other countries advanced level.

The company according to customer requirements, design, manufacturing has the characteristics of special welding consumables. The company has wide marketing network, opened fast delivery service. Domestic and international customers with quality and cheap to "O" plate welding, and with professional engineering and technical personnel to provide users with selection of welding technology and welding and other technical advice and quality service.


品质源于专业  创新立足科技
■Serialization  ■Specialization  ■High quality




  • 2012

  • 08
    In August of 2012,the company participated in drafting and revising stainless steel electrode standards: GB/T 983-2012

  • 2013

  • 06
    In June of 2013, the company's stainless steel flux-cored wire officially put into production

  • 2016

  • 09
    In September of 2016, the company passed the certification of quality management system GB/T 9001-2008

  • 10
    In October of 2016, some priducts of the company passed the CE certification of the European Union

  • 2017

  • 03
    In March of 2017, the company added American thermoelectric X-ray spectrometer and other testing equipment

  • 05
    In May of 2017, the company's back self-shielded straight strip flux skin welding wire was put into production formally

  • 2018

  • 08
    In August of 2018, the company participated in drafting and revising the stainless steel flux cored wire standard:GB/T 17853-2018

  • 10
    In October of 2018, the company passed the certification of quality management system GB/T 9001-2016

  • 2019

  • 01
    In january of 2019, the company moved its production workshop to a new location and continued to expand the production scale of the company's products.


Professional production of "O" brand welding materials

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